Palactis 1.31 now released!

The final version of Palactis is now here! Even if the version number only changed by 0.01, there are still a lot of changes!

Here you can see the changelog:

- Achievements added (30).

- Replaced Item "Errors Creator" with "Thank You".

- Tutorial is now shorter.

- Something... special... was added to the VIP credits.

- Items, hearts and energy will follow you if you're too close.

- Fixed all known bugs.

- An error that caused the victories against Tetranave not to update was corrected.

- Errors with Items in the Campaign Mode (with and without Multiplayer Mode), Massacre Mode and Infinite Mode (Arcade) were fixed.

- Player and multi-players's hurtboxes are now considerably smaller.


Palactis v1.31 395 MB
Sep 10, 2018

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